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Passenger Connections Terms and Conditions

By booking with Passenger Connections you are agreeing to the following conditions.


All prices are correct at the time of booking and are guaranteed.

Bookings are pre allocated and times arranged for your specific requirements.

Although ample time is allowed to complete the journey serious delays may occur due to traffic road or weather conditions these are beyond our control and we Do Not Accept Any Liability for missed flights or ship boarding or any extra charges incurred owing to late arrival.

The driver will take the best route for your journey using his skill and knowledge in conjunction with the prevailing conditions at the time.

Subsequent variations to the booking such as cancelled or diverted flights for whatever reason may incur additional charges on top of any payment already made.

Passengers are fully insured but luggage, electronic and personal items are carried at your own risk and Passenger Connections does not accept responsibility for any loss.

We will do our upmost to accommodate you and secure your property and get you to your destination safely and on time but no guarantees are given or implied.   

The driver has the right not to transfer any passenger who in his opinion is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or is threatening abusive or a danger to other passengers.

Credit and Debit Card payments made to Passenger Connections will not incur a processing fee. We no longer accept cheques as payment.